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“HISPAQUIM Ltd.” – is a team of experienced specialists and a stable supplier of raw materials for the production of rigid and plasticized polyvinylchloride and other polymers, rubber products, production of paint, dry construction mixtures, building materials and household chemicals.
Unlike the “young and fast growing” companies, our history and sales experience began in the mid-90s of the last century and already in those days we were one of the “fashion legislators” for certain types of chemical raw materials. Directly as a legal entity the company “HISPAQUIM Ltd.” was formed more than 10 years ago.

Our credo is our long-term experience both in the field of choice of the products , as well as many years of experience and knowledge of the technologies for the application.
The supplied assortment of chemical raw materials has a high European quality and meets the highest  ever growing demands of Ukrainian producers. We expand and update the range of supplied products, introducing new progressive developments and technologies of the world chemical industry in the Ukrainian market.
   The main commodity items are:
Additives for the processing of PVC (polyvinyl chloride):
Thermal stabilizers for PVC,
Modifiers of process ability
Modifiers of impact strength and  toughness

Pigment group, which includes titanium dioxide, dry pigments and pigment concentrates (masterbatch); carbonate fillers, as well as additives and auxiliary components for plastics.
Raw materials for the production of paint and varnish materials, dry building mixtures and household chemicals
    A reliable reputation of the products achieving  the highest quality standards in the Ukrainian market  was won by products such as  salts of stearic acid and fatty acid derivatives manufactured by FACI (Italy), foaming agents OTSUKA Chemicals (JAPAN / Spain), carbonate fillers  of “MSI” (Spain) , complex stabilizers for PVC produced by “IKA” (Germany) and “Kimflor” (Turkey), plasticizers, ultramarine and anticorrosive pigments, masterbatches and pigment preparations for plastics produced by BASF Color Solutions (Germany),  polyethylene waxes and other additives for PVC.
     Most manufacturers and their products are certified according to ISO 9002 quality standards.
     When choosing new types of raw materials, we take into account the requirements of each customer, provide samples and technical support for the use of these products

The company has reliable partners for chemical and industrial analysis on the latest equipment of the world level, can provide consulting and production services for setting up and adjusting equipment and production process of rigid PVC processing, has for this purpose experienced experts and technologists in the staff as well as specially trained personnel.
A team of experienced specialists “HISPAQUIM Ltd.” is ready to be a competent partner of your production.

E-mail: office@ispakim.com.ua

Address: 03022, Kiev, Vasylkivska street, 30